Pressure Washing

Here’s an overview of the pressure washing service we offer:

  1. Surface Cleaning:

We use high-pressure water jets to clean a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, wood, and metal. Our pressure washing techniques are safe and effective, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing damage to the surfaces

  1. Parking Lots and Garages:

Northwood Sweeping’ pressure washing effectively removes oil stains, tire marks, and other unsightly residues from parking lots and garages. Our detailed cleaning ensures a clean and well-maintained environment for visitors and tenants.

  1. Sidewalks and Walkways:

We thoroughly clean sidewalks, walkways, and pathways, eliminating dirt, gum, and other debris. Our pressure washing service not only improves the appearance but also ensures safe and slip-resistant surfaces for pedestrians.

  1. Outdoor Furniture and Fixtures:

Northwood Sweeping can clean outdoor furniture, fixtures, and equipment, such as benches, trash receptacles, playground equipment, and more. Our pressure washing techniques remove accumulated grime, algae, and mold, restoring the items’ functionality and appearance.

  1. Graffiti Removal:

In cases of graffiti vandalism, our pressure washing service can efficiently remove graffiti from various surfaces, restoring the affected areas to their original state.

  1. Deck and Patio Cleaning:

Northwood Sweeping’ pressure washing can revitalize decks, patios, and outdoor entertainment areas by removing dirt, mold, mildew, and stains. This service enhances the longevity and beauty of outdoor spaces.

  1. Eco-Friendly Practices:

As an environmentally conscious company, we use eco-friendly cleaning agents whenever possible in our pressure washing services. We prioritize responsible water usage and comply with local environmental regulations.

  1. Customized Cleaning Solutions:

We understand that different surfaces require specific cleaning approaches. Our team assesses each project’s unique requirements and tailors our pressure washing techniques to achieve optimal results for each surface.

With Northwood Sweeping pressure washing service, clients can expect thorough, efficient, and safe cleaning of various surfaces, ensuring a clean and appealing environment for their properties. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for pressure washing needs.